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Wood Packaging Compliance Mark and Regulations

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Wood Packaging Compliance Mark and Regulations

ISPM 15 is expected to be implemented across the world over the next few years. Exporters are advised to check prior to exporting.

ISPM15 is the international Phytosanitary Standard for Wooden Packaging. Due to concern about the Spread of pests through the shipment of wooden packaging around the globe, the Secretariat of the IPPC ( International Plant Protection Convention) appointed a panel of experts to advise on measures to reduce the risk of the spread of pests within international trade. Following their recommendations in March 2002 ISPM15 was adopted and is now in the process of being implemented by countries and trading blocks worldwide. Any UK Company registered and approved by the Forestry Commission to supply ISPM15 compliant packaging must mark each item of the packaging with the symbol. If the symbol is shown on the wooden packaging then it is ISPM 15 Compliant.

Should the list of Countries to which you are exporting require a Phytosanitary Certificate, this can be provided. You may find the information available helpful from the UK Forestry Commission.

We are advised that AQIS has no quarantine concerns with packaging made solely of reconstituted wood products. Reconstituted wood products are those that no longer contain wood as a result of the Manufacturing process and include particleboard, chipboard, masonite, oriented strand board,(OSB) medium and high density fibreboard. New Plywood ( that has not previously been used )

AQIS have published alerts that can be viewed on AQIS Site.

We would always advise Exporters and Customers to ensure that they check before exporting and ensure the packaging planned to be used complies with any regulations that may apply at the time of export to the Country concerned, and are acceptable to their Customers having regard to their application and use.

Wood Packing Regulations

Please download the Wood Packing Regulations listed below. You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to view our documents. You can download this by clicking here:

PDF Document  Click here for details