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New Big Bag Container for FIBC transport and storage.

Dynawest has introduced a unique Big Bag Container system to facilitate the support, storage and transport of FIBC Bulk Bags. The integrated system consists of a specially designed 1140 x 1140 mm plastic pallet base with rounded corners and 4- way fork entry. Eight Aluminium poles slot vertically into the base which are then held in place at the top by 4 connecting plates and a collar. This provides a rigid container for the FIBC, which is supported underneath by the base, and attached by the Bag loops. The customer has the option of using a standard FIBC with 4 loops or Bags with a maximum up to 12. FIBC’s can be purchased with the system, in which case they are packed folded in each unit. The centre of the base can be left open to accommodate Bulk Bags with a central downward outlet chute.

The Big Bag Container has a capacity of 1000kg and when loaded can be stacked 4 high. They are designed to be used for the transport and storage of most bulk materials and are suitable for many industries such as food, agriculture, chemical, and waste management.

When empty the units can be packed back into the designed recesses of the base to save space allowing for a maximum of 12 units to be stacked together to a combined height of 2250 mm.

The Big Bag Container provides a cost effective alternative to a collapsible plastic pallet box or a rigid plastic bulk container.

Dynawest, well known for plastic pallets and material handling products, is always pleased to be able to offer innovative solutions to its customers.

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